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หัวข้อ: Get off to a roaring start this Chinese New Year with artisanal crafts and sumpt
เริ่มหัวข้อโดย: geemong ที่ มกราคม 17, 2022, 11:46:14 AM
Get off to a roaring start this Chinese New Year with artisanal crafts and sumptuous treats

   Marking the beginning of spring, Chinese New Year is a time of familial togetherness, steeped in tradition and bonding. 
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   Armed with mandarin oranges, adults and children dressed to the nines make the annual track towards the homes of family and friends bearing goodwill and best wishes. The festivities are a good opportunity to make up for lost time, catch up on the year’s happenings and reminisce over fond memories. 
   Such happy occasions often call for special treats to spark more joy. Why not treat yourself to thoughtfully crafted seasonal delights from Singaporean brands that bear the Made With Passion brand mark? The initiative recognises homegrown brands that go the extra mile in their pursuit of excellence.
   Get up close and personal with specially curated Made With Passion products that meld tradition with a modern twist and elevate your enjoyment of this beloved festival.
   Traditionally associated with abundance and good fortune, gold and jade jewellery are classic go-to pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any new year outfit. 
   If statement accessories that double as convenient conversation starters are up your alley, look no further than On Cheong Jewellery. A purveyor of unique jewellery designs and quality craftsmanship, the jeweller offers season-appropriate pieces such as the Flight Jadeite Diamond Ring that features a butterfly, often regarded as a symbol of transformation and rebirth. 
   Convey your best wishes to treasured kith and kin by gifting a commemorative collectible such as a 999 Gold Note adorned with a spring festival couplet. Such gifts are symbolic of ushering in prosperity for the year ahead. 
   As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Have your home smelling as good as it looks after all that spring cleaning with fortune-inspired clay diffusers from HYSSES. The brand has its roots in wanting to share nature’s gifts through essential oil-based products and quality craftsmanship with consumers. 
   The Daruma Kitty Clay Diffuser is said to be a conduit for plentiful harvests, similar to the doll charms used by farmers in years past. Those looking for a purposeful piece associated with good fortune can consider the Maneki Cat Clay Diffuser – often known as the ‘waving lucky cat’.
   With soothing scents in place, bring the feeling of ease up a notch with a couple of doob Bean Bags. The brand is best known for its belief in no-nonsense comfort and affordable quality, and the latest collection of neutral-toned doob Bean Bags invokes a sense of warm cosiness. Visitors will undoubtedly appreciate that extra cushy comfort as they kick back for an extended catch-up session.